Egypt’s youth has shown courage and an immense revolutionary spirit during the Egyptian revolution that evolved from the Arab Spring. The post-Mubarak is being shaped, and young people all over Egypt are voicing their opinions and contributing as much as they can to the change Egypt is currently undergoing. RAPOLITICS is passionate about working in Egypt – and we are seeking ways in order to be able to concretize our ambition to start a project there soon. However and equally important for us, we would like to provide Egyptian rappers with the opportunity of cultural/artistic exchange with Danish artists as well as give youth in Denmark a close encounter with some of the voices of the Arab Spring.

Project Info

Arabian Knightz and Mc Deeb visited Denmark in October in order to conduct workshops and challenge Danish youth with rap, opinions and attitude. The workshops put a face to the Egyptian revolution and created a space for dialogue and artistic exchange. The Egyptian rappers are in the midst of a chaotic, challenging and changing time in Egypt, and they all use their talent and music to address inequalities and injustices as well as convey a message of hope for their generation. Furthermore, RAPOLITICS travelled to Egypt in April in order to meet potential partners and explore possibilities for cooperation in Alexandria and Port Said. This research tour with DCCD may translate into a project for Egyptian youth in 2013! More to come…

DCCD’s Teaching material (in Danish)
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In Cooperation With: CKU / DCCD
Time Frame: April + October 2012
Responsible: Camilla Kronborg (